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Talk About Wiring 4/25/2012  
Many Vikings are used to fish around the world for big-game like marlin and tuna. During the battle, the crewman in the cockpit known as the wire man is responsible for holding onto the leader and bringing the fish to the boat for its release. At Viking, we also have wire men, like this skilled tech installing wiring runs aboard 70703, the third hull of our new 70 Convertible series. One of the numerous elements that separate Viking from other boat builders is that we design and fabricate the wiring harness for every Viking in our own 6,500 square-foot electrical shop. Having the ability to create this component in-house allows us to customize the harness to accommodate an owners special needs not only for his AC/DC requirements, but also for entertainment, communication and electronic navigation needs. A unique feature of every Viking-made wiring harness is that the wires purpose is printed every eight inches. This not only makes it easier to troubleshoot an electrical issue, but further along as the boat moves on to subsequent owners, tracing, replacing or adding new systems is less troublesome. When completed, the Viking 70 Convertible will carry over 1,800 pounds of tinned wiring to power and operate as many as 300 onboard systems.
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