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Finding Fish 7/27/2012  
With the tournament trail heating up, the Viking Demo crew shared a few fishing hints to keep our red hot Vikings on the leader board.

When fishing the summer months and tournaments in the northeast it is crucial to choose the best course right out of the inlet. The Viking Demo Team likes to use an assortment of tools to make an educated choice on which way to go. Most importantly, they look for good water eddys pulling from the gulf stream into areas over quality bottom structure. Services like Roffer's Ocean Fishing Forecasting, Hilton's Realtime-Navigator, and Sirius Marine Weather are handy in finding the right body of water. When running out to your spot, it's vital to keep a sharp eye out for bait and also temperature changes since conditions tend to vary quickly. Signs like sulfur on the water, Portuguese Man O' War and fresh Sargasso weed are good indicators that you have found a sweet spot of fishy water off the gulf stream. If you do get lucky and find a hot spot jumping with action, make sure to monitor it so you have a go-to point for the next time.
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