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Step by step 8/27/2012  
Viking Yachts' philosophy to build a better boat every day can be seen throughout our product line from 42 to 82 feet. Our unwavering commitment to do the best we can allows us to explore, design and produce innovations that enhance our owner's experience.

One such example is a fiberglass staircase to the flying bridge. The impetus for the staircase came about when a long time Viking customer requested a solution for a family member who found climbing the standard aluminum bridge ladder a challenge while the boat was under way. Vikings design and engineering group wasted no time in the development of our fiberglass staircase, which we offer on new Vikings 50 feet and above. The fiberglass staircase is ergonomically designed to offer comfort and security under way and at the dock.

This Viking 54 Convertible with the fiberglass staircase requires only a minor change in the salon cabinetry near the doorway and in the flying bridge deck opening. When it is time to step up to the next best thing, you can be sure your Viking dealer already has the answer waiting for you.
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