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Power to Spare 11/15/2013  
At Viking we are proud of our vertically integrated manufacturing process where 90 percent of what goes into each yacht is designed and manufactured in house. This ability not only accentuates our quality control, but also helps to combat rising overhead costs. And it is not just about the boats.

A little less than a year ago, Viking switched on its tri-generation plant, which was constructed entirely by Viking personnel. Built around six Capstone C65 micro-turbines fueled with natural gas, we are now able to produce our own electricity enough to supply up to 40 percent of our current usage.

A by-product in the production of electricity is heat, and we use this heat to warm Building 1s 75,000 square feet, which houses the main offices, the metal shop and the R & D department from fall through spring. This is achieved through an intricate collection of pumps and piping, which connects to a heat exchanger on top of the micro-turbines.

The third element of our system is cooling. Three 30 ton Yazaki absorption chillers extract heat from the chilled water supply for air conditioning during the summer.

Though quite an ambitious project, Vikings tri-generation plant is one more example of how we can build a better boat every day by constantly reinvesting in our plant to help control our overhead.
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