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Top of the Charts 7/16/2013  
On Top of the BBC Series

Cowpokes decisive win at the Treasure Cay Championship propelled the Viking 61 into first place in the overall 2013 Bahamas Billfish Championship standings. Despite the lead, Cowpoke needed a strong performance in the final tournament of the Series to insure the overall title. Several contenders for the crown were within striking distance. One such contender was the Viking 61 Blue Eagle whose owner, Brad Jones, changed his teams tournament itinerary to include the Series final leg at Marsh Harbour.

During the Marsh Harbour Championship, Cruiser Crews Cowpoke added one blue marlin, one white marlin and a sailfish to their total. Blue Eagle, on the other hand, released three blues, won the tournament and picked up some bonus points. Cowpoke's bounty was enough to insure First Place Overall for the Florida cattle rancher whose team won the Series. Blue Eagle finished the season in Second Place Overall in the Championship.

During the 2013 season, team Cowpoke released five blues, eleven whites and three sailfish. The team finished first at Treasure Cay and third in the Guana Cay Championship. Cowpoke captain Mike Brady received the Lindsay Forde Memorial Trophy. Fishing three of the four BBC tournaments, Blue Eagle released six blues, four whites and two sailfish. Those points and bonus points for a first place at Marsh Harbour and a third place at Treasure Cay resulted in a Second Place Overall trophy.
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