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Fort Lauderale Score Card 11/15/2013  
The 54th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show ended on Monday, November 4th and by all accounts it was exceptional representing the state of the marine industry. We enjoyed meeting and chatting with Viking owners, families and friends and hope you liked the Viking Yachts display. Heres a score card of what you missed if you couldnt attend:

5,131 visitors to the Viking yachts display

720 bottles of water chilled in step box coolers

303 Spirit Air flight # to Fort Lauderdale from Atlantic City

262 Spirit Air flight # home from Florida

84 days to the 2014 Viking VIP in Riviera Beach

82 largest Viking on display

70 largest convertible sold during the show

43 total of show hours

42 smallest Viking yacht sold at show

15 new Vikings on display

12 Viking yachts sold during the show

5 days of perfect South Florida weather!

2 pairs of lost shoes
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