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Steel makes it real 7/10/2014  
With a nod to writer J.D. Salinger for our headline, building a better boat every day has been the cornerstone of the Viking Yacht Company for more than 50 years. A major unsung hero in our success over the past half-century is the Viking plant itself, composed of five buildings spread out over our 110 acre site on the Bass River near Atlantic City, New Jersey, where 90 percent of what goes into each Viking yacht from 42 to 92 feet is produced by dedicated Viking teams.
So when faced with the challenge of creating a cleaner and better work environment for our shipwrights, as well as streamlining our operations to reduce overhead and waste, we looked to improve and enhance our plant with minimal intrusion to our existing footprint. To assist in achieving a modest 10 percent increase in production floor space while maintaining a 35 foot overhead clearance to mount six 10 ton overhead hoists we are enclosing buildings beneath one roof. This will eliminate moving major components produced in huge molds like hulls and deckhouse assemblies in and out of different buildings to reach the production lines where the major construction takes place.
After years of tweaking the production flow to meet our physical and environmental needs, construction has begun with the first delivery of structural steel, which will be used to create the framework for joining Building 2N with Buildings 3 and 4.
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